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(Dubai - Sharjah - Ajman)
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About Car Pre Purchase Inspection


Now You can buy a used Car with peace of mind, Check before you spend your hard earned Money Buying on a used Car.

Unfortunately Mostly Used Cars have hidden issues. While selling a Car, Sellers dont disclose it Or Sometimes they are also not aware of the problems. That’s why GoLive Auto Assistance brings you a special Service Car Pre Purchase Inspection to Protect you from any fraud.

Our Experience Team will guide you upon Inspection, if the car is in Good Working Condition or will it bring any Major issue in near Future. GoLive Auto Assistance can easliy discover any faults or malfunctions in the car with our advanced diagnosis tools. During the Car Pre Purchase Inspection we can give you estimate of the Repairing cost if there is any faults.

After Completing the Car Pre Purchase Inspection our expert can assist you with right price of buying it. A Car Pre Purchase Inspection helps you negotiate a better deal.


Few Questions About Car Pre Purchase Inspection ?

What is Car Pre Purchase Inspection?

Are you buying a used car?

Car Pre Purchase Inspection helps you get a comprehensive report of your car. Full inspection of the vehicle body panels for previous repairs or corrosion damages with advanced Car Computer Test ( Diagnosis ).

What is included in Car Pre Purchase Inspection?
Service history Analysis, Mechanic Inspection, Electrical components and equipment function check, Comprehensive Transmission check-up, Detailed Engine inspection, Computerized detailed inspection, Test Drive, Interior Visual Inspection, Exterior Visual Inspection, Auto Air, Conditioner Check up, Brake system inspection, Suspension check-up, Tyre Condition checkup, General performance, noise, fluid condition, Condition of Exhaust system.

Why should I choose Car Pre Purchase Inspection ?
GoLive Car Pre Purchase Inspection is the most convenient and secured way to check and inspect your car anywhere in Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman at an affordable price. It will help you save time and decide wisely in buying a used car.

Make Wise Decision and Know!

Repairig Cost Estimates ( If any hidden faults )

Right Price of buying A Used Car ( According to Current Condition and the Market Value )

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